Temple News editor: ‘That time of the month’ column wasn’t meant to be taken seriously

Temple News columnist John Corrigan started the semester with a promise to “shed some light on some dark, cloudy issues surrounding the opposite sex.”

Three months later, in his final column of the semester, Corrigan tried to shed light on “that time of the month,” and got whacked for doing it.

“This is terribly, ridiculously sexist, and the Temple News should never have published it,” tweeted Ed Giles.


“I ask that you reprimand Mr. Corrigan and issue a formal public apology,” wrote Michael Laccabue.

“Awful piece,” said Ben Gilbert. (No, said @Mikesomatosis; Corrigan’s columns are “the greatest contributions to literature in this new millennium.”)

In what Gawker calls “the most ridiculous period-advice column ever,” Corrigan tells his readers that during “that time of the month … you have to remain cautious around your agonizing girlfriend” and “accept that you will be automatically loathed simply because you are a man.”

He adds that “they call it a period, but an exclamation point is more appropriate. ….Conversing with your girlfriend while Aunt Flo is visiting is like navigating through a minefield — anything can set her off.”

I tried avoiding my girlfriend during her period, thinking that I couldn’t anger her if I wasn’t around. Chalk that one up in the loss column. Distance only makes things worse because she wants you to console her and take her mind off the cramps.

Misery loves company. However, you can lift her spirits by hanging out, watching movies and quenching those obscure food cravings.

She might not be pregnant, but she still demands 7-Eleven jalapeno cream cheese taquitos. Presents, cards and flowers help — anything to make her feel special.

Corrigan, who was paid $10 for the column, predicted that “I’ll probably have my relationship status revoked after this column is published.” I wondered if that happened, and asked him in an email.

He never responded, so I got Temple News editor Angelo Fichera on the phone.

“The column was read by our whole staff, including men and women, before it ran,” Fichera says. “I think they all felt that this was not meant to be taken seriously. If you’ve read his column in the past, you know this is the same tone he’s always taken. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. That being said, we’re going to take the feedback into consideration. …It’s definitely been a learning experience.”

The editor, a journalism senior, says Corrigan’s column set a temple-news.com traffic record with nearly 27,000 visits today. He quickly adds: “It’s definitely not what we set out to do” by publishing it.

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