Morning report

* Are photojournalists obligated to help in rescues? (
* Pulitzer-winner Paul Salopek, who is walking 22,000 miles, has in his backpack: a MacBook Air, a satellite phone, a Sony HXR-NX7OU for video and stills, a GoPro camera, an audio recorder, and a personal GPS tracking device. (
* Neil Steinberg: “Should a good Jewish boy follow the pope on Twitter?” (
* A newspaper that stopped publishing for the first time in 119 years because of Sandy resumes printing. (
* Already-short USA Today online stories now even shorter. (
* College students too hungover from Thursday night to pick up a Friday paper? (
* Former San Diego Union-Tribune newsman calls Doug Manchester’s UT-San Diego “an embarrassment.” (
* Steven Swartz adds president to his Hearst COO title. (
* Daily Beast and Huffington Post advice columnist Mona Ackerman is dead at 66 (
* Judge orders woman to remove Yelp and Angie’s List posts about contractor. (
* Betsy Lumbye retires as Fresno Bee executive editor. (
* Westwood One exec Steven Kalin is named Patch president and COO. (