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* Deirdre Edgar’s Monday discovery: Rocky Mountain News’ review of Led Zeppelin’s first U.S. show. (@LATreadersrep)
* You’ll be using Google+ more in 2013, and nine other predictions from Red & Black’s multimedia editor. (
* We all knew Murdoch’s The Daily would fail, right? Probably not, says Justin D. Martin. (
* Matthew Inman calls BuzzFeed’s piece on him “so blatantly wrong it borders on libelous.” (
* BuzzFeed’s Jack Moore is the creator of @SeinfeldToday. (
* Dylan Byers presses Dan Froomkin on his “big swipe at ‘mainstream media.'” Response: “Those are silly questions, Dylan.” (
* More layoffs at McClatchy’s Kansas City Star. (
* New Orleans radio host “takes the gloves off” for an interview with Times-Picayune execs. (
* Every newspaper headline you’ve seen on “The Simpsons” on one page: (
* The father of helicopter journalism – he came up with the “Telecopter” – dies at 92. (
* Gustavo Arellano: Mainstream media did a lousy job covering superstar Jenni Rivera. (
* It appears NYT columnist Roger Cohen has been visiting (

Alec Baldwin: “Do you think that journalism today and the media establishment today is a bull I need to be fighting from time to time?”

Lewis Lapham: “I don’t think you’ll need to fight it, Alec, because you will always lose.”

* Alec Baldwin’s “Here’s the Thing”: Lewis Lapham transcript (

Some state-of-magazines figures from

* In 2012, 195 print magazine titles were launched, compared to 181 the year before.

* Only 74 titles folded this year; 142 went kaput in 2011.

* There were 32 digital-only magazine launches in 2012, compared to 58 a year ago. Seven digital-only titles folded vs. 10 a year ago.

* Magazines ramp up publishing in 2012 (

— Toronto Sun

This clipping was posted over the weekend by @sladurantaye and forwarded by @nina9153.

Former Washington Post Style editor Ned Martel is leaving the paper to join the writing team at Ryan Murphy Television — “a West Coast gig that promises more edge than Washington can offer,” says the Post memo announcing Martel’s departure. Ryan Murphy is creator of “Glee,” “The New Normal,” “American Horror Story,” and other shows.

From: Jennifer Crandell
Date: Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 12:41 PM
Subject: Staff News: Ned Martel to the West Coast
To: NEWS – All Newsroom

After a dynamic stint both editing and writing, Ned Martel is leaving The Post for a West Coast gig that promises more edge than Washington can offer up. He will be moving to Los Angeles to join the writing team at Ryan Murphy Television, the creative minds behind “Glee” and “American Horror Story” among other projects.

Ned Martel

In partnership with Lynn Medford, Ned oversaw Style for two years, and steered feature writers and critics toward the provocative, the undiscovered and the unorthodox. He spotted new talent, including Jason Horowitz, and helped guide the staff’s graceful turn toward digital that Frances continues to build on today.

For the past year, Ned focused on his own writing, looking toward those with status or wealth or an interest in attaining it. He often found stories that others hadn’t seen, like the saga of Martin Greenfield, the tailor to presidents and a man who learned to sew in Nazi death camps.

We wish Ned the best in Hollywood and hope he flourishes in prime time.


Charles Apple notes that Advance Publications, owner of the Press-Register, moved design and editing functions from Mobile and Huntsville to Birmingham this summer. (Mobile was spelled correctly in the story.)

* Mobile paper loses ability to spell the name of its own city (

The Times is correct, according to Pantone Color Institute executive director Latrice Eiseman. She told the paper in October that FT’s bisque is “a warm, welcoming, nurturing color” that “invites touch.”

* Bloomberg’s affinity for the bisque-colored FT has deepened lately (
* Salmon? Pink? No, Financial Times is bisque, says an expert (

Journalist Mark Remy is trying very hard to unsubscribe from New York Daily News’s daily email newsletter. His first two requests were ignored. Will today’s email to the News — with a photo of his cute daughter (posted below) — finally get him removed? I’ll keep you posted.| UPDATE: He got results, as you’ll see below.

A few of Remy’s messages to the paper:

November 26


I’ve been trying for at least a month now (on at least four occasions) to unsubscribe from your daily newsletter. I am still getting your daily newsletter. Every time it appears in my in-box, I hate the Daily News a little bit more.

Can you please make it stop? My email address is

Thank you,

December 3

Hello Daily News,

I’m running out of walls to punch over here.

Still getting your daily emails, despite my repeated attempts to unsubscribe.

BTW, I work in publishing as well, and am aware of how irritating it can be when a reader emails and says something like, “Does anybody even read these emails?” but…

Does anybody even read these emails?

Increasingly a Fan of the NY Post,
Mark Remy

December 10

Dear Daily News,

Hi. How are you? I’m fine, apart from the fact that I’m still getting your daily email newsletters despite my many repeated attempts to unsubscribe via the link in those very same newsletters, and despite having written you three very frank pleas now to remove me from your mailing list.

And apart from the fact that not a single solitary person has yet even acknowledged my pleas, much less addressed them.

At this point I have decided to simply write you a new note every Monday, just to check in. Maybe I will start to include a bit of biographical info with each note, or some thoughts on current events, or a little “review” of an album or film that I particularly like. Maybe if you get to know me a bit, you’ll warm up to the idea that I’m an actual person, and really very likable, and that perhaps you could help me out by doing what I first asked you to do several months ago now, and stop sending me your daily emails.

Maybe someone will even write me back!

To further humanize myself, I have attached a photo of me holding my 2-year-old daughter. The fact that her Daddy is being ignored by the NY Daily News makes her sad.

Kind Regards,
Mark Remy

Update from Remy’s Facebook wall

* Michael Bloomberg considers buying The Financial Times Group, which includes the paper and half interest in The Economist. ( | (
* Will Bloomberg buy the New York Times? (
* “The era of free news is rapidly coming to a close,” writes Howard Kurtz. (
* Union Square Ventures didn’t like that BuzzFeed uses editors. “A lot of people [not just USV] were pro-tech, anti-human,” says BuzzFeed’s CEO. (
* Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News to split from (
* There’s more fun and less housekeeping in the redesigned Good Housekeeping. (
* Chicago Tribune’s Notre Dame beat writer felt uneasy about casting a Heisman ballot this year. (
* “What we’re doing is marketing as journalism,” says Storyboard’s editor. (
* G4 cable channel might become the Esquire Channel. (
* “‘Funny’ is a fair description of Twitter grammar.” (
* An update from Roger Ebert on his hip fracture. (
* Some of the journalists covering the McAfee saga have had enough. (
* Orange County Register’s latest hires include Los Angeles Times alums. ( | (
* BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti is named’s Person of the Year. (
* What a magazine editor can’t learn from the world’s greatest sushi chef. (