Afternoon report: A journalist’s ‘groovy’ find; headlines from ‘The Simpsons’; and more

* Deirdre Edgar’s Monday discovery: Rocky Mountain News’ review of Led Zeppelin’s first U.S. show. (@LATreadersrep)
* You’ll be using Google+ more in 2013, and nine other predictions from Red & Black’s multimedia editor. (
* We all knew Murdoch’s The Daily would fail, right? Probably not, says Justin D. Martin. (
* Matthew Inman calls BuzzFeed’s piece on him “so blatantly wrong it borders on libelous.” (
* BuzzFeed’s Jack Moore is the creator of @SeinfeldToday. (
* Dylan Byers presses Dan Froomkin on his “big swipe at ‘mainstream media.'” Response: “Those are silly questions, Dylan.” (
* More layoffs at McClatchy’s Kansas City Star. (
* New Orleans radio host “takes the gloves off” for an interview with Times-Picayune execs. (
* Every newspaper headline you’ve seen on “The Simpsons” on one page: (
* The father of helicopter journalism – he came up with the “Telecopter” – dies at 92. (
* Gustavo Arellano: Mainstream media did a lousy job covering superstar Jenni Rivera. (
* It appears NYT columnist Roger Cohen has been visiting (