[UPDATED] Dear New York Daily News: My daughter is sad because you keep sending email newsletters

Journalist Mark Remy is trying very hard to unsubscribe from New York Daily News’s daily email newsletter. His first two requests were ignored. Will today’s email to the News — with a photo of his cute daughter (posted below) — finally get him removed? I’ll keep you posted.| UPDATE: He got results, as you’ll see below.

A few of Remy’s messages to the paper:

November 26


I’ve been trying for at least a month now (on at least four occasions) to unsubscribe from your daily newsletter. I am still getting your daily newsletter. Every time it appears in my in-box, I hate the Daily News a little bit more.

Can you please make it stop? My email address is XXXXXX@gmail.com.

Thank you,

December 3

Hello Daily News,

I’m running out of walls to punch over here.

Still getting your daily emails, despite my repeated attempts to unsubscribe.

BTW, I work in publishing as well, and am aware of how irritating it can be when a reader emails and says something like, “Does anybody even read these emails?” but…

Does anybody even read these emails?

Increasingly a Fan of the NY Post,
Mark Remy

December 10

Dear Daily News,

Hi. How are you? I’m fine, apart from the fact that I’m still getting your daily email newsletters despite my many repeated attempts to unsubscribe via the link in those very same newsletters, and despite having written you three very frank pleas now to remove me from your mailing list.

And apart from the fact that not a single solitary person has yet even acknowledged my pleas, much less addressed them.

At this point I have decided to simply write you a new note every Monday, just to check in. Maybe I will start to include a bit of biographical info with each note, or some thoughts on current events, or a little “review” of an album or film that I particularly like. Maybe if you get to know me a bit, you’ll warm up to the idea that I’m an actual person, and really very likable, and that perhaps you could help me out by doing what I first asked you to do several months ago now, and stop sending me your daily emails.

Maybe someone will even write me back!

To further humanize myself, I have attached a photo of me holding my 2-year-old daughter. The fact that her Daddy is being ignored by the NY Daily News makes her sad.

Kind Regards,
Mark Remy

Update from Remy’s Facebook wall