Afternoon report: Who knew Will Leitch wrote for Sporting News? Why BuzzFeed vs. The Oatmeal matters; and more

Will Leitch: “I’ve been the front-of-the-book columnist for Sporting News for more than four years now and I don’t personally know a single person who knows that fact, outside my family and my editors there.

Leitch in Sporting News

“The only people I’ve ever met who knew I was the columnist were people who personally emailed the address next to the column itself. Many of them people were in prison or currently, that second, in the dentist office.” (
* Sporting News prints its final magazine after 126 years. (
* The most-viewed online stories of 2012 (Frank Rich takes the crown at New York). (
* Guild members at the Cleveland Plain Dealer approve a new contract. (
* Parents of missing journalist Austin Tice know next to nothing about their son’s status. (
* McKay Coppins goes from political reporter to political editor at BuzzFeed. (
* Why the BuzzFeed vs. The Oatmeal fight actually matters. (
* “You don’t mess with The Oatmeal.” (
* Marijuana activist says Denver’s Fox 31 rigged its stoned driving story. (
* Fox News contributor roughed up at Michigan union protest. (
* Why did the Society of Environmental Journalists let “a polluting company” (Koch Industries) sponsor its conference? (
* Gannett CEO Gracia Martore sells $1.3 million of Gannett stock. (
* Bose headphones and USA Today in the same league? (@ajkeen via @dankennedy_nu)
* Second-graders from KW News cover President Obama’s speech in Michigan. (
* Sure, I remember “The Wilton North Report” — “The Daily Show” of the 1980s. (