New York Post editorial page editor’s one regret: A 2003 Yankees-Red Sox screw-up

I asked Bob McManus a few questions in an email this morning after hearing that he’s retiring as New York Post editorial page editor after many decades at the paper. He replied:

I took a part-time copyboy job in 1967 because the GI Bill back then didn’t cover beer and cigarette money and here it is 45 years later.


The rest is all detail — except for my continuing astonishment that for a brief while I contributed to the political and policy debates in the greatest city in the world.

Only one regret: attempting to outsmart the computer the night of the Aaron Boone home run game by preparing “yankees win” and “red sox win” editorials and you can guess which one they put in the paper in the middle of the night.

* Oct. 17, 2003: NY Post made a colossal error on its editorial page (

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