When PR people insist on monitoring interviews

Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch asks his followers:

How do you react when a PR person insists on monitoring an in-person or phone interview with a subject?

Some of the responses:

One PR guy taped my iview with a player. Asked why and he said: “We don’t want you to misquote him.” Good start

It’s so common now I’ve come to expect it. They usually just check their phones tho. They never say anything

It’s vexing, esp. if it’s a phone interview & I don’t know it’s happening. Which brings up an ethics question.

As a PR guy, I hate hovering. But sometimes my boss wants me there.

If a PR flak insists on being around/censoring, then your story is probably already compromised.

On rare occasions when it happened, I felt compelled to be tougher with subject, to control the room

I don’t care if they’re just monitoring things, but if they do so they’re potentially part of the story.

Your thoughts?