Morning report: ‘Foodie’ fight; Buffett aide bullish on newspapers; and more

“Look. Foodie is not a word,” New York Times national editor Sam Sifton tweeted a few months ago. Kyle Cherek, who writes a Milwaukee magazine online column and hosts a PBS show called “Wisconsin Foodie,” was bothered by that.

Sifton (left) and Cherek

What troubled me was not the latently New York-centric, snobbish subtext, which I have come to expect from Sifton, but that the comment was aimed and fired, like an unexpected spit ball in a high school hallway, at people like me.

Sifton left the Times food critic post in 2011, so why now? What gives? I checked with a few New York food media friends, and confirmed my suspicions. Sam Sifton just needs a hug.

Cherek concedes that “foodie” is a little too cute, but “what then could stand in its place to evince a more serious tone? Gastronome is too heady and way too French. Enthusiastic eater? Who isn’t? Edible epicurean? I love a double-entendre as much as the next guy, but… Sustenance geek? Conscientious calorie consumer? You get my point.”

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