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Understood. You’re not the only journalist having trouble focusing on work this afternoon.

* Hopefully you’re taken this gun ad down, Hartford Courant (a reader said it was still up at 2:40 p.m. ET) | UPDATE: A Courant representative said the ad staff is working to remove all “sensitive ads” and is considering taking all advertising off its home page.

A few lines, sung to the tune of The Sound of Music’s “So Long, Farewell”:

We’re done and gone
We gave it a good try

So long, farewell
We’re trying not to cry
(I need to leave,
There’s something in my eye)

So long, farewell
It was one crazy ride

So long, farewell, we need to dull the pain
I know a way, let’s drink some cheap Champagne

* Karaoke the News: So Long, Farewell (
* Give them credit for putting a brave face on things (
* The Daily publishes its last issue Dec. 15 (

Google Journalism Fellowships are being offered to undergraduate and graduate students “interested in using technology to tell stories in new and dynamic ways.” The 10-week program begins in June with a week at the Knight Foundation in Miami. Students then spend eight weeks at their fellowship location (one of seven cities), and finish their last week at Google headquarters.

The host organizations are the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Investigative Reporters & Editors, the Knight Foundation, Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, Nieman Journalism Lab, ProPublica and Poynter.

Fellows will be expected to make substantive contributions to the work of their organization, including researching and writing stories, contributing to open source data programs, creating timely data to accurately frame public debates about media in the United States and the world as well as finding new and compelling ways to use data to tell stories.

Fellows receive a $7,500 stipend and $1,000 for travel.

* Announcing the Google Journalism Fellowships for 2013
* Earlier: AP and Orange County Register announce intern programs (OCR’s comes with housing) (

Slate is considering a membership program that would give members bonus content, “access to Slate personalities,” and other benefits. “It’s a very early stage exploration of ideas we’ve batted around for a long time,” Slate Group editor-in-chief Jacob Weisberg tells Jeff Bercovici. “We’re not looking at any kind of metered model or paywall (we tried that in 1998!).”
* Slate considers a membership plan (

* Ex-Los Angeles Times columnist Tim Rutten joins the Los Angeles Daily News. (
* The honeymoon appears to be over for Time Inc. CEO Laura Lang, reports Keith J. Kelly. (
* Claim: Apple execs “seething” over joyful reaction to new Google Maps app. (
* Fox News blasts NBC’s Andrea Mitchell for tying GOP opposition to Susan Rice to race and gender. (
* Google interns make $6,862 a month on average, while Facebook interns are paid $5,622 monthly. (
* Israeli soldiers punch two Reuters cameramen and forced them to strip in the street. (
* Internet may soon beat TV as the main source of national news. (
* Is print media dead, dying or drifting? (