Milwaukee Journal Sentinel cuts back on editorials, focuses on ‘other views’

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel — Wisconsin’s largest news organization — told readers in late October that it had decided to “get out of the political endorsement business” and focus on explaining issues to readers.Unknown Editorial page editor David Haynes said on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” on Nov. 5: “I think in an era of diminishing resources for newsrooms, we all have to make decisions about where to put our priorities. I’d put it on sticking with issues, and I would not put it on doing endorsements.”

In today’s Journal Sentinel, Haynes announces that the editorial page will have a new look, starting Monday.

The biggest change? We will not write editorials every day. We still intend to have a strong editorial “voice” — especially on Sunday. But during the week, we will publish fewer editorials than in the past. One reason is that we want to devote more of our space to other views, including a second cartoon.

But we also want to devote more time to providing additional commentary and discussions at and through social media, where so much of the conversation about issues increasingly takes place.

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