Evening report

* Newtown Bee editor says there’s “a growing number of incidents” involving media invading yards and grieving survivors’ space. (dankennedy.net) | How media affect mourning. (animalnewyork.com)
* Fox News bans discussion of gun-control policy. (nymag.com)
* Pew: News interest in the Sandy Hook massacre is higher than for other recent gun tragedies. (people-press.org)
* Jack Shafer: Newtown teaches us, once again, to discount early reports. (reuters.com)
* News outlets complain to former Romney campaign officials about expenses billed to reporters. (buzzfeed.com)
* Journalist who worked until 101 dies at 104. (kearneyhub.com)
* Sally Jenkins isn’t angry at Lance Armstrong, but many WaPo readers are angry at her. (washingtonpost.com)
* The people behind “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Food, Inc.” plan a new cable channel. (mediadecoder.com)
* Gannett’s Newark Advocate puts a high school newspaper staff in charge of its community page. (newarkadvocate.com)