Morning report

* Forty years ago, “I broke the cancer cure story for the Associated Press.” (
* Marty Baron’s plan to save the Washington Post. (
* A journalist is struck by how little emotion TV correspondents are showing in Newtown. (
simon* The number of government PR workers more than doubled from 2003 to 2011 while the number of reporters fell by a quarter. (
* Ex-Gizmodo editor Brian Lam: “I came to hate the Web, hated chasing the next post or rewriting other people‚Äôs posts just for the traffic.” (
* Can Jeff Zucker and CNN revive Facts? asks AJR editor Rem Rieder. (
* Media General CEO is relieved to be rid of newspapers. (
* ESPN to use Twitter to send out instant replays of college football. (
* Check out the media people who made Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list. (
* “Journalists have grown increasingly fascinated with Reddit,” notes CJR. (
* Kansas City Star’s longtime religion editor retires. “It’s time,” says Helen Gray. (