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Photo: Mike McGregor

Photo: Mike McGregor

Out magazine “Person of the Year” Nate Silver tells the magazine that “to my friends, I’m kind of sexually gay but ethnically straight.” He adds: “For me, I think the most important distinguishing characteristic is that I’m independent-minded. I’m sure that being gay encouraged the independent-mindedness, but that same independent-mindedness makes me a little bit skeptical of parts of gay culture, I suppose.” (

* Charles Lane: Journalism needs “a genuine rededication to the values of accuracy, skepticism and prudence with which we already claim to operate.” (
* Steve Buttry believes says (sorry, Bill Dedman!) journalism is improving, not declining. (
* A choked-up David Letterman spends about six minutes discussing the Newtown shootings. ( | Video (full show) (
* Can you get PTSD from reading too much news about the Newtown shootings? (
* Networks scramble to be sensitive: “American Guns” isn’t renewed; “Best Funeral Ever” premiere postponed. (
* Video of NBC’s Richard Engel before he was freed is now on YouTube. (
* 87% of magazine and newspaper publishers have an iPad app. (
* Did a reporter’s return to a 1967 Newsweek story cause more harm? (
* Brian Richards: My playbook for making local journalism viable. (