Here’s the letter to the Paducah Sun that closed schools on Tuesday

I posted a story Tuesday about a sheriff closing schools after the Paducah (KY) Sun refused to disclose the name of a boy who claimed in a letter that a classmate “has brought weapons twice” to school and “has yet to be punished for anything.”

The matter was settled Tuesday afternoon after the 17-year-old letter-writer agreed to meet with officials. Here’s what the student wrote to the Sun:


The boy wrote the letter “on behalf and at the direction of a teacher at the school,” says the sheriff’s release. “The teacher was identified and stated she had received the information from another teacher that allegedly had received a report from two students that had overheard a conversation between two additional students, about ‘bombs’ in class. …What the students were talking about was a video game called ‘Mine Craft’ [sic] which involves placing bombs and blowing up buildings as a way of collecting points.”

Schools are back in session today.

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