Morning report: NYT praised for beautiful ‘Snow Fall’ design; NY Post applauded for ‘Out With a Bang’ cover

* “Let’s face it: NYT just pulled off Best Web Design of 2012 with this.” (@stevesilberman) | “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek” (
* U.S. tablet ownership doubled this year, according to Forrester Research. (
bang* Crowdfunding pioneer Spot.US slips under APM. (
* Richard Deitsch presents 2012’s best and worst in sports media. (
* “New York Post does not disappoint in end of world angle.” (@fisheri) | The Post story. (
* A tech journalist shares his “most cringe-worthy press pitches of 2012.” (
* Tumblr finally launches its iPad app. (
* Newtown residents blast the media in Facebook posts. (
* Charles Apple likes Sun Sentinel’s “50 Shades of Grey (Hair)” headline on a story about self-publishing seniors. (
* New York Daily News is disbanding its pool of photo “permalancers.” (
* What if we talked like TV reporters all of the time? (
* 40% of Americans have connected their TV to the Internet. (
* Atlantic Media unveils a new logo and revamped website. (
* Police note that Sam Donaldson was very cooperative while being booked for DUI. (
* Coloradoan reporter charged with burglary “was so intoxicated he didn’t remember anything he had done.” (