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“New Journalist” Larry L. King — best known for “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” — died yesterday at a Washington retirement facility. He was 83.

Former Washingtonian editor Jack Limpert sent me a link to a letter that King wrote in 1980 after seeing that he was identified in the magazine as a “radio talk show host.”

Dear Jack Limpert,

WFES809284I just can’t understand why some jackass in your shop gratuitously inserted in my writer’s sketch, in connection with the Valanos piece, that I am “a radio talk show host.” I am not, have never been, and never hope to be.

I’ve been confused enough with “the other” Larry King and now, without checking with me — and, for the first in in my experience, tampering with the author’s information — you bastards have complicated the problem. Fuck it, fuck your magazine, and fuck the careless shitass who inserted that erroneous information.

Larry L. King

Limpert’s reply:

Dear Larry L. King,

Well, it shows how dumb magazine editors can be. One of our editors (as you might expect it was a Harvard graduate) didn’t know there were two Larry Kings. I hardly ever think about the radio Larry King, and when I saw the author’s note, which I assumed had come from you, I told myself that maybe you are doing some radio gig and I never even thought about the Larry King who is on radio. So a series of three dumb mistakes add up to one very big one. What can I say other than dummy, dummy, dummy, why am I not getting smarter as I get older?

Jack Limpert

King apparently forgave the magazine. I notice he wrote a Washingtonian piece 16 years later.

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* Larry L. King, playwright of “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” dies at 83 (

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson told her staff at Thursday’s “Grill Jill” session:

* “The size of our newsroom staff is about 1150 people, roughly the same size it was 10 years ago. Amazingly, we’ve managed to build out our digital operations without adding to the overall size of the newsroom.”
* “While we are looking hard at payroll, because that is where the bulk of our budget is, we have put everything on the table in our search for efficiencies. We are looking at leases with the idea of switching to home offices; we’re looking at wire services, we’re rethinking our use of company cars. We are asking whether some things — some blogs, some sections in the print editions can be consolidated or eliminated.”

* While I have kept [publisher] Arthur [Sulzberger] abreast of our stories, this is part of the relationship I’ve had with him since becoming managing editor. In all these years, we have had a “no surprises” agreement when stories touch the New York Times or are particularly sensitive like the Princelings, I give Arthur a heads-up. That is what I’ve done for years. In all that time, he has never asked me to change a word. This has been true in our coverage of Mark Thompson. Mark impresses me as a great mind who can help us cross to safety.”

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Alex Martin

Wall Street Journal managing editor Gerard Baker has promoted Alex Martin to Page One editor. “Alex’s mastery of news, his unstinting passion for the enterprise story and his sparkling writing and editing skills will ensure Page One rises to new glories and continues to be the primary showcase of our journalism,” says Baker.

Read the managing editor’s memo after the jump. Read More

-- Weatherford (OK) Daily News

— Weatherford (OK) Daily News

– h/t Dale Denwalt

Publisher Phillip Reid came up with the blank front page idea, says sports editor and interim managing editor Jeff Barron. “We haven’t heard from readers about it yet.” The company that handles the 7,000-circulation paper‘s website was puzzled, though. “They thought something was wrong” when they noticed the empty page.

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* Newtown Bee puts out its first special edition in its 135-year history. (
* Miami Herald photographer and Jimi Hendrix fan Tim Chapman is retiring. “I’m basically a hunter news gatherer,” he says. “I can’t think of anything else I would have rather done.” (
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