Morning report

* CNN president Jim Walton’s farewell memo: “Jeff Zucker is a great leader for CNN’s next chapter. You are lucky to get him. But not as lucky as he is to be getting you.” (
* New York Times digital subscriptions will generate $91 million this year. (
murd* Ken Doctor sees Daniel Day-Lewis (left) playing Rupert Murdoch in an upcoming film. (
* “Charlie Rose Show” agrees to pay up to $250,000 to settle an unpaid intern’s lawsuit. (
* New York Times’ avalanche feature would even look better without ugly banner ads. ( | Even the Reddit crowd loved the interactive feature. (
* Martin Langeveld: “The business model for seven-day printed newspapers in most markets is toast.” (
* Newtown Bee puts out its first special edition in its 135-year history. (
* Miami Herald photographer and Jimi Hendrix fan Tim Chapman is retiring. “I’m basically a hunter news gatherer,” he says. “I can’t think of anything else I would have rather done.” (
* NPR’s Andy Carvin tears up while discussing social media PTSD during a video chat. (
* Prediction: In five years, 4.4% of all ads (not just digital) will appear on phone screens. (
* Carl Bernstein complained about Bob Woodward’s Ailes/Petraeus story being “buried” in the Style section, but a WaPo staffer makes this good point.
* Chechen newspaper shut down after its reporter asks Putin a question. (