‘New Journalist’ Larry L. King is dead

“New Journalist” Larry L. King — best known for “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” — died yesterday at a Washington retirement facility. He was 83.

Former Washingtonian editor Jack Limpert sent me a link to a letter that King wrote in 1980 after seeing that he was identified in the magazine as a “radio talk show host.”

Dear Jack Limpert,

WFES809284I just can’t understand why some jackass in your shop gratuitously inserted in my writer’s sketch, in connection with the Valanos piece, that I am “a radio talk show host.” I am not, have never been, and never hope to be.

I’ve been confused enough with “the other” Larry King and now, without checking with me — and, for the first in in my experience, tampering with the author’s information — you bastards have complicated the problem. Fuck it, fuck your magazine, and fuck the careless shitass who inserted that erroneous information.

Larry L. King

Limpert’s reply:

Dear Larry L. King,

Well, it shows how dumb magazine editors can be. One of our editors (as you might expect it was a Harvard graduate) didn’t know there were two Larry Kings. I hardly ever think about the radio Larry King, and when I saw the author’s note, which I assumed had come from you, I told myself that maybe you are doing some radio gig and I never even thought about the Larry King who is on radio. So a series of three dumb mistakes add up to one very big one. What can I say other than dummy, dummy, dummy, why am I not getting smarter as I get older?

Jack Limpert

King apparently forgave the magazine. I notice he wrote a Washingtonian piece 16 years later.

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