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-- from the Omaha World-Herald front page (image via

— from today’s Omaha World-Herald front page (image via

* The image above is “the best folio line you’ll ever see,” says Charles Apple. (
* Conservative talker Dana Loesch sues owner after their relationship goes “tragically awry.” ( | The complaint: (
* NYT public editor: “The Times can’t get pulled into the maelstrom of Twitter-era news.” (
* Former CNN correspondent Miles O’Brien contends departing president Jim Walton was “a disappointment” to “the people who care about news.” (
* NPR’s internal memos about the Sandy Hook shooting “are a virtual classroom lesson.” (
tabs* New York City tabloids target NRA chief on today’s covers. (
* Robin Roberts shows up at Sam Champion’s wedding. (
* Is wildly successful ex-Daily Mail website boss James Bromley joining a U.S. news site? (
* Oliver Strand: “Part of me knew that there was an audience for serious coffee journalism.” (
* Sports reporter Gabriel Rizk quits the Los Angeles Times for the Orange County Register. (
* San Francisco Examiner owner plans to buy another Bay Area publication. (
* The Onion: “Internet criminals are using Kickstarter to bilk friends and families out of money for terrible, ill-conceived, and unnecessary ‘personal projects.'” (
* Dear Spin subscriber: We’ve killed our print edition, so we’ll start sending you Car & Driver in its place. (
* A message for Nate Silver: Barack Obama has to be a black president and you have to be a gay statistician. (