Morning report

* Tribune Co. newspapers — except for the Los Angeles Times — are dropping the AP. (
* New York Post is fooled by someone claiming to be Ryan Lanza in a Facebook chat. ( | The Post story. ( | Others picked it up. (
sein* The author of New York Times Magazine’s cover story on Jerry Seinfeld discusses the comedian. (
* “I’ve been going to crime scenes since I was 9 years old,” says CBS News reporter John Miller. (
* News outlets knock down NRA chief’s claim that the media are protected by armed guards. ( | (
* Petitioners want CNN’s Piers Morgan deported because of his gun views. (
* Baltimore Sun runs a full-page A1 cartoon by “Kal.” (
* “In 2013, journalists will start seriously doing math,” predicts Dan Gillmor. (
* Bill O’Reilly: “I work harder now than I have ever worked in my life, which is kind of insane.” (
* Don McCullin, 77, is off to photograph war — again. “I’m not going to be able to run from the bullet. I’ll be the best target going.” (
* Nun turned Seventeen magazine editor Midge Richardson dies at 82. (