[UPDATED] How the heck did this happen, Brattleboro Reformer?

Reformer executive editor Tom D’Errico writes in an email: “Terrible terrible typo. The night crew was short-staffed and we had an unusual last-minute early deadline with the storm marching in. I’ve been meaning to address the issue on my blog but have had a busy day.”

UPDATE: The editor’s blog post is up. He writes: “When I sat down to craft this blog [about the headline screw-up], I kept running over the reasons in my mind (which I’ll share in a moment) of how or why a mistake like this can and does happen. But everything just sounded like an excuse. And the truth is: There is no excuse.”

* The Reformer “has a history of making unfortunate typos” (gawker.com)
* “Let is snow” (the headline screw-up edition) (reformer802.com)