Morning report

* Tribune finally emerges from bankruptcy and names a new board. (
zell* Sam Zell’s “long-term investment” in Tribune was ruined by the Great Recession, which began the same month he took control of the company. (
* Maxim has become for today’s Army what Playboy was to soldiers fighting in Vietnam. (
* David Carr on Time Inc.’s Lisa Lang, CNN’s Jeff Zucker and other media execs with tough assignments in 2013. (
* Stuart Leavenworth: There’s no evidence that strong opinions hurt newspaper readership. (
* Current TV vs. Keith Olbermann and nine other media feuds of 2012. (
* Tech writer Ryan Block explains why he quit Facebook and Instagram. (
* Think you’re giving up social media? Think again. (
* A 15-year-old girl’s history of “bold tech trend calls.” (
* David Zurawik: Why has NBC News put someone as outrageously unqualified as Chelsea Clinton on a prime-time newsmagazine? (
* AP reporter Jim Davenport, who broke the story of SC Gov. Mark Sanford’s disappearance, dies of cancer at 54. (AP via