Afternoon report

- New Year's Eve C-SPAN screenshot.

– New Year’s Eve C-SPAN screenshot.

* “C-SPAN you have a problem. Live caption says ‘just plain dick.'” (@Eskinner)
* China refuses to give New York Times reporter Chris Buckley a visa for 2013. (
* In 2012, there were 33 front page New York Times stories that ran more than 4,000 words. (
* Orange County Register’s new owner defies the downsizing trend, says “our view of the world is different.” (AP via
* New York Observer building is sold for $95 million. (
* The Weather Channel says it names winter storms “to create better understanding and more awareness [of severe weather] so that people are better prepared.” (
* New York Times team explains how they made the “Snow Fall” feature. ( | (
* Charles Apple says the Times of London’s year-in-review package is “the coolest.” (
* Out: BuzzFeed. In: Paywalls. (
* A blogger’s New Year’s resolutions for the cable news channels. (