Andrew Sullivan leaves the Beast

* There are some great comments about Sullivan’s move on @sullydish (
* What blogs would you pay $19.99 a year to read? asks @jorcohen (

UPDATE: Andy Wang writes on Twitter: “Hey @romenesko: Just remembered there’s decade-long proof that at least some people will pay for @sullydish.” He attaches a link to his 2001 story, headlined, “If You Like This Story, Click Here to Pay Me.” From the piece:

Perhaps the best-known Honor System participant is, the commentary site-Web log of the writer Andrew Sullivan. Visitors have the option of contributing through the Honor System or through the mail. Since it signed up with Amazon in March [three months earlier], the site has raised more than $7,000 through the Honor System and several thousand dollars through the mail, Mr. Sullivan said. (Mr. Sullivan is also a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine.)

“I really didn’t know what to expect, but the enthusiasm from my reader e-mails suggested we’d do well,” Mr. Sullivan said. “The sums we raised gave us leverage to redesign the site and upgrade it — so that we can now go to advertisers. I’m determined not to lose money on this thing.”

* If you like this story, click here to pay me (