Boston Globe shutters its New York City sales office

Unknown-1The Boston Newspaper Guild has confirmed this New Year’s Eve email from a Romenesko reader: “The Boston Globe will close its New York City sales office on Jan. 2, 2013, and lay off its three Guild-represented staff members. The Globe office was on the fifth floor of The New York Times Building.”

A union rep says the employees have been offered jobs in Boston, but they haven’t said if they’ll accept them. (I’m waiting to hear back from a Globe spokesperson for more on the office closing.)

UPDATE: Globe spokesperson Ellen Clegg sends this email:

The Boston Globe has moved its New York sales office to Boston, including three New York-based sales positions. The three New York sales representatives were offered jobs in Boston, but none chose to move. Their last day is today. In addition, two jobs were eliminated as part of the office consolidation, and those employees were laid off. We do not expect this to have an impact on our ability to serve advertisers.

…and FYI: Former Globe editor Marty Baron announced on Twitter that today’s his first day at the Washington Post. Here’s the tweet from his last day at the Globe.