Will celebrity covers save the Saturday Evening Post?

Saturday Evening Post hopes it will “be part of the national conversation” now that it’s putting celebrities on the cover. (Look out, People magazine!) “I want to hear people saying: ‘Did you read that article in The Saturday Evening Post?’ ” says associate publisher Steven Slon. “We’re entering a long phase of celebrities, either on the cover or at least interviews inside.” (He sees the magazine as “Vanity Fair meets Smithsonian.”)

Slon’s cover wish list: Alan Alda, David Letterman, Jay Leno, the original “Saturday Night Live” cast, Dick Van Dyke, Roseanne Barr, the Smothers brothers, Goldie Hawn. (Think TV Guide from a few decades ago.)

Media consultant Lorraine Shanley isn’t blown away by Saturday Evening Post’s latest cover. “Shirley MacLaine? Sounds like AARP.” (The Post’s Slon is a former AARP The Magazine editor.)

The magazine has been owned by the SerVaas family and based in Indianapolis since 1970. Its small editorial staff is moving to Philadelphia, where the magazine was founded; the business operations will remain in Indy.

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