Afternoon report

* Digital cracks 50% of ad revenue at Wired magazine. (
* A reader writes: “A nice round of applause for the Knoxville News Sentinel” for reporting the arrest of the editor’s adult son. (
* Can Al Jazeera succeed where Al Gore failed with Current TV? (
* Current TV hosts have no idea what comes next. (
* FYI: The New Yorker is looking for an associate science and technology editor. (
* Can the government really ban Twitter parody accounts? (
* How BuzzFeed readers will benefit from the $20 million that the site just raised. (
nofriend* Deadspin writes about a guy you really don’t want to friend on Facebook. ( | His “profile.” (
* BuzzFeed has now raised more money than Cheezburger Network ($46M vs. $37M). (@zseward)
* Police in Mobile request input on a public information policy that they refuse to release. (
* Globe and Mail ombud admits that “there are times when you really don’t know what a correction is correcting.” (
* The Television Critics Association still matters — but barely, says one critic. (
* Gawker lets us know that it’s “roughly” ten years old. (
* Just asking: Isn’t it time to take Santa hats off Twitter avatars? (Just one of many Santa hat avatars I’ve seen)