Why sports columnist Steve Kelley is leaving the Seattle Times

Steve Kelley, who has been with the Seattle Times for 31 years, is quitting because…

* “The idea of writing newspaper stuff doesn’t thrill me anymore.”

* “I just want to do something else.”

Steve Kelley

Steve Kelley

* “I find myself at a lot more games thinking ‘I’ve written this story 411 times now. Isn’t that enough?”

* “The level of discourse [in comments sections] has become so inane and nasty.”

* “People, anonymous people, take shots at the story, writers, each other. Whatever you’ve achieved in that story gets drowned out by this chorus of idiots.”

Kelley, 63, tells Rick Anderson that he has some book and film ideas he wants to work on in his semi-retirement. (He also teaches writing to 4th graders.)

* Steve Kelley is leaving the Seattle Times “to do something else” (seattleweekly.com)
* Working in radio isn’t much fun these days either (facebook.com/JimRomenesko)

* Snail-mail commenter “executed the hat trick of racial slurs” (@jemelehill)