Polish TV shows Obama with PlayStation controller while watching Osama bin Laden mission

Polish journalist and Romenesko reader Marek Miller writes:

The main public TV station in Poland (TVP 1) ran a story about the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” in the main edition of their news. While talking about how bin Laden got killed, they showed a famous picture of Obama and his administration while being informed about that fact. Notice something weird about the photo? (I am attaching it to this mail).

Yep, they backed their story with a photo they found on the web [with Hillary Clinton holding popcorn and President Obama with a PlayStation controller]. Here’s a proof it actually happened on TV (go to 1:33, as it’s in Polish). Main edition of this news is watched by almost 4 million viewers.

(I got a material niedostepny message when I tried to watch TVP 1. Miller says that means “material unavailable” and “could be because of geographical restrictions.” FYI: “Archiwum” = archive.)


TRANSLATED BY MAREK MILLER: “tvp1 with its idiotic setback made it to the top US media blog. Congrats. My 17 PLN went down the drain” (Miller writes: “pln is the Polish currency whereas 17 is the monthly tax that has to be paid in Poland for watching public tv.”)