[UPDATED] Las Vegas Review-Journal gives cancellation notice to Associated Press

UPDATE: Review-Journal editor Mike Hengel writes in an email:

We put in our required two-year notice of cancellation with AP, effective as of December 31, 2014. We are still evaluating our options and may, or may not, keep AP after that date. We want to keep our options open. I cannot comment on what we pay AP each month.


A Romenesko reader writes: “I’m told that the Las Vegas Review-Journal is going to dump the AP, saving $45K a month.”

reviewAssociated Press spokesman Paul Colford confirms that the paper has given notice (he doesn’t confirm the savings figure, though), and adds:

Historically, AP always has on file a number of cancellation notices from member newspapers. Since cancellations do not take effect for some time, in many cases the notices are filed protectively and later withdrawn before the termination of AP services.

In this very tough media economy, we’re aware that our member newspapers are reviewing their costs, and we work closely with them to maintain AP’s vital news among their offerings.

* Earlier: Tribune Co. papers (except for LAT) are dropping the AP (timeoutchicago.com)