A Newsweek intern and the creepy editor

tumblr_m0kry4AHCC1r4qlp5o8_r1_250What happened to a Newsweek intern in the summer of 1999:

“The editor pushed me down onto his huge white couch. Both his breath and his body were so heavy, so much heavier than I had ever thought possible. It seemed impossible that another human being could be so heavy, so total. His hands were on me, his mouth a gaping fish. I couldn’t push him off me. No amount of Vassar or pencil skirts or housewife chic or tablecloths or steak or drivers or house-sitting, even, could push him off me. Being unable to move, I spoke. I said ‘no.’ ….”

“It’s always been a clich√© to hit up the intern. But the summer of 1999 was an especially clich√© time to hit up the intern. Clinton’s impeachment trial had just concluded that February. The country was ablaze with intern improprieties.”

* The most bloated magazine of the most bloated era: Farewell to Newsweek (gawker.com)