‘Dave Sheinin Curse’ explained

A Romenesko reader/D.C. journalist explains: “Dave Sheinin had a contract for a Stephen Strasburg book and was covering him for The [Washington] Post. Strasburg blows out his arm, the book dies.

“He is on the Robert Griffin III beat now and apparently doing a book — and RGIII blows out his knee.”

Sheinin tells Romenesko readers: “Jeff was just trying to be cute (and probably also trying to bait me into tweeting), and the ‘curse’ is nothing more than a grim coincidence.”

Also, here’s what Post columnist Gene Weingarten said yesterday about his paper’s treatment of Redskins coach Mike Shanahan:

In the absence of the regular sports columnists of The Washington Post, whose job this would ordinarily be but who were unaccountably collectively unavailable yesterday for required tuchus-kicking duty, I am stepping forward today on behalf of this newspaper (if without its official approval) to formally demand the head of Mike Shanahan. Unknown-2Not his life or even his job, but the head itself, sunk in shame, bald-spot pronated, wretched, groveling, stammery and hangdog, confessing into a mike what is or should be apparent to everyone who watched the grisly end to the Redskins’ first playoff game in 6 years: He blew what might be the most important call of his career, and he did so through a combination of foolishness and cowardice. You deserve his apology, rich, nuanced, and textured. You won’t get it. Instead you get this thin gruel.

Yes, I do believe you should have read this in yesterday’s Post, a newspaper with the best and most fearless team of sports columnists I know of – a team that, perhaps hearing footsteps, punted on this one. It was not a pretty punt. It was shanked off the side of the foot, weak and wobbly, a real stinker, all a-flutter with wincing stoicism and good cheer (“Loss Aside, Bright Future Awaits”) avoiding the central issue of the day with an awkward side-step. Get it? An awkward side-step. Like a step to the side made by a foot without the approval of the knee. …

Why the punt by the Wapo? My guess: Character. It’s easy to be critical, and easier to pile on when others are doing it, too. Maybe they felt the high road was to give Shanahan a break. If so, I disagree. I think it looks bad.