Afternoon report

* Sun-Times partners with Homicide Watch to launch a Chicago edition. (
* Magazine ad pages dropped 8.2% in 2012 vs. a 3.2% decline in 2011. (
* Owner of Philadelphia newspapers gets tough with the unions. (
* John Cook replaces A.J. Daulerio as Gawker editor. (
paper* A copy of the Virginian-Pilot from 1949 is found stuffed in a wall at WTKR-TV. (
* Time will publish three double issues this year. (
* Arrest warrant issued after former Tribune Co. real estate boss fails to show up in court to face fraud charges. (
* A few questions for Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch. (
* New York Post pulls Anthony Weiner “new job” story after New York magazine calls it B.S. (

-- Another floater getting in the way of progress

— Another floater getting in the way of progress

* Tulsa World City Hall reporter Brian Barber dies at 39; he had heart transplants in 2000 and 2005. (
* Bob McManus retires today as New York Post editorial page editor. (
* Claim: UT-San Diego owner Doug Manchester tried to get the mayor to call off building-code enforcers. (
* Pulitzer-winner Lisa Getter among those laid off today at Bloomberg Government. (