Afternoon report

* There were 95 newspapers with weekly science sections in 1989; today there are 19. (

-- A cover from 1993

— A cover from 1993

* Art Spiegelman: “I’m hoping that kids with guns can become ironic again.” (
* Andrew Revkin and Margaret Sullivan on the news that NYT is shutting down its environment “pod.” (
* Newsweek unveils its first animated cover; will it be enough to attract digital subscribers? ( | (
* David Gregory won’t be arrested or charged for waving an ammo clip on TV. (
* Ken Doctor on the digital-only paywall parade. (
* Report: Time Inc. to cut up to 700 jobs and nix pay raises. (
* BuzzFeed’s photo spat with Reddit could be just the tip of the iceberg. (
* ESPN president acts to end offensive commentary. (