Morning report

green* New York Times closes its environment desk and sends nine staffers to other news areas. “We have not lost any desire for environmental coverage,” says managing editor Dean Baquet. “This is purely a structural matter.” (
* Wall Street Journal memo: “We want to underscore the need for a renewed, and ongoing, push for scoops.” (
* What the….?! CBS tells its CNET editors they can’t review or give awards to Dish products. (
* CNET editorial staff “clearly upset by the new policy handed down by CBS.” (
* Council on Foreign Relations and its media connections are many. (
* Chicago Sun-Times, Newspaper Guild contract talks reach an impasse. (
* Photo editor, 50, sues the New York Daily News for age discrimination. (
* New York Times isn’t giving up on the banner ad. (

Ira and Fred

Ira and Fred

* Won’t miss it! Fred Armisen will imitate Ira Glass for an hour on this weekend’s “This American Life.” (
* John Koblin on ESPN: “I cover them skeptically. Considering the size and reach of ESPN, they should be covered skeptically. ESPN is bigger than the NFL.” ( | More from Koblin. (
* Mike Fourcher: 21 things I learned running hyperlocal news sites.
( | (jimromenesko)
* Grantland publisher: “To have a site our size 18 months in [2M monthly visitors] is pretty good.” (
* Former Chicago magazine editor: Many of the skills I learned in law school are the same skills at play in good editing. (
* Condos replace newsrooms as U.S. newspapers sell their real estate holdings. (
* BuzzFeed uses Twitter to interview moviegoers trapped by hostage crisis. (