Sunday report

* Chicago Tribune begins four-part series on Sam Zell’s “broken deal.” Part One notes that Tribune’s “complex legal snarl … will likely sap its coffers of more than $500 million in legal and other professional fees.” (
* Pulitzer-winning editor and civil rights crusader Eugene Patterson is dead at 89. (

Aaron Swartz, 1986-2013

Aaron Swartz, 1986-2013

* The web responds to Internet activist Aaron Swartz’s suicide. (
* Kansas City Star’s longtime Faith columnist unloads on newspapers. (
* “And the award for the most @nytimes corrections due to texting goes to…” (@jonathanwald)
* Sunday Times ad in the Chicago Tribune tells Oprah what to ask Lance Armstrong. (imgur via @richarddeitsch)
* Sheriff’s updated media policy appears designed to quash new stories of his as-yet-unknown sheriffing exploits. (
* “Screw SEO. Write for humans and eventually Google will get it.” (
* Geoff Edgers: How I went from newspaper reporter to host of a TV show. (
* Why is Egypt’s Morsi the elephant in America’s newsrooms? (
* Newseum: San Francisco Examiner gets our vote for best football front page today. (@newseum)
* In Wisconsin, bad weather and Packers coverage delay delivery of Sunday’s Journal Sentinel. (js_newswatch)