Afternoon report

* Will Atlantic readers realize that the magazine’s puff piece on Scientology is “sponsored content”? (Don’t miss the comments in the re-tweets.) (@romenesko)
* Press of Atlantic City is up for sale. Its longtime owner’s “investment priorities have always emphasized growth,” which explains everything. (
* Scott Pelley says he’ll ask President Obama at least one question about football on Super Bowl Sunday. (
* President Obama notes the power of conservative media. (

Really? (Flyer in today's Daily Northwestern.)

Really? (Flyer in today’s Daily Northwestern.)

* Howard Kurtz: “I don’t out people and responsible news organizations shouldn’t out people.” (
* Police say burglary connection to Journal News’ gun-permit map is “pure speculation.” (
* Wall Street Journal memo reports a bedbug problem. (
* Ex-NYTer Hedrick Smith: “My hunch is that some news organizations over time will find ways to form collaboratives with elements of the non-profit world such as libraries, universities and all kinds of charitable organizations.” (
* Watchdog Wire bets that citizen journalists can investigate, too. (
* Joyce Wadler is leaving the New York Times to try humor writing. (
* Laid-off Providence Journal photojournalist is congressman’s new press secretary. (
* “Putting your current employer in your Twitter handle is like getting a tattoo of your current boyfriend’s name.” (@alexia)