Evansville Courier & Press lets readers listen to HOA president’s lawsuit-threat phone call

Here’s part of a phone conversation between Evansville Courier & Press investigative reporter Tom Langhorne and Stonecreek Homeowners Association president Stephen Hess. The audio is posted on the paper’s website:

“I’m going to sue you if you put this in the paper. I’ll sue you. It’s that bottom line, and I’m threatening you. Right now.angry …I’m telling you sir, you’re going to be sued. You will be sued. You have been in violation of what’s posted legally for over two years at Stonecreek [subdivision] — a non-solicitation, non-harassment [notice]. And I have proof of five people that your office has harassed. Five. … I’m lividly pissed with you. … When I sue you you’re going to lose your job.”

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