Morning report

* Anonymous hacks MIT websites and posts a message about Aaron Swartz’s death. (
* MIT president wants everyone involved in the Swartz case “to reflect on their actions.” ( | His letter: (
* Ex-WaPo executive editor Len Downie on the Journal News’ gun-permits map: “My first reaction was, why are they doing this? What’s the purpose?” (
* “I’d have found a different way to make a point” about guns, writes Bill Keller. (
* One of the homes on the Journal News’ gun map is burglarized. (
images* Michael Wolff on Mark Thompson (left): NYT’s CEO “could well find himself seen as a wise and steadfast caretaker in a troubled world.” (
* Conde Nast cuts its writers’ shares in film and TV deals. Some agents are telling clients not to sign the new contracts. (
* Carl Bernstein: “Really great reporting organizations have always been the exception, not the rule.” (
* Of course, Buzz Bissinger regrets his August Newsweek “I Still Believe in Lance Armstrong” story. (
* NYT media writer David Carr is doing a Reddit AMA at 2 p.m. ET today. (@carr2n)
* “I’d like to see some humor come back to Men’s Health,” says the magazine’s new editor. (
* Florida A&M newspaper shutdown is “a big FU to students.” (
* Time cover upsets New Jersey Italian-American advocacy group. (
* Robin Roberts is returning to “Good Morning America.” (