North Carolina newspaper hopes Roe v. Wade anniversary brings in ad dollars

The Hickory (NC) Daily Record is inviting churches and others let readers know what they think about the Roe v. Wade ruling.

A Romenesko reader sent the newspaper’s ad solicitation:

January 22nd marks the 40th Anniversary of Roe vs Wade.

Many churches and organizations are planning events to voice their thoughts and views on this ruling and what it has meant to them, our city and our country.
Let your voice be heard in the Hickory Daily Record and on our website:

Eight Page, full color print ad and 10,000 online ad impressions, $229.
Quarter Page, full color print ad and 12,500 online ad impressions, $383
Half Page, full color print ad and 20,000 online impressions, $716
Full Page, full color print ad and 40,000 online impressions, $1258
We have other options available if the above options do not meet your needs.

I called the paper to ask about this advertising opportunity and was connected with someone in the ad department (she wouldn’t give her full name) who said, “I’m not at liberty to give you that information.” She told me to contact publisher Eric Millsaps. I tried, but unfortunately he’s out of the office until Wednesday, according to his email auto-reply.

UPDATE — Millsaps sends this email: “The ad offering connected to Roe Vs Wade bubbled up from a conversation between an ad rep and a church. The ad rep asked if she could make an offer available to all groups interested in the debate. Of course, many will still rely on a letter to the editor. Let me know if you have other questions.”

I’ve asked him how the Roe vs. Wade ads are selling.