Morning report

* The Atlantic pulls its blog post sponsored by the Church of Scientology. ( sponsor| Read it here, then read the Boing Boing parody.
* Rupert Murdoch on buying the Los Angeles Times: “It won’t get through with the Democratic administration in place.” (
* New York Timesman Bob Tedeschi has a best-selling iPad app. (He left the gadgets beat because of it.) (
* WSJ.Money, a new insert, is for people “who are voyeuristically interested in the high end and are at the high end.” (
* Aaron Swartz’s 8th grade science teacher tells Patch: “He wasn’t really a kid when others were a kid.” (
* Listen to Swartz — at age 14 — on Chicago Public Radio’s morning talk show. (
* David Letterman may be gearing up for a Super Bowl three-peat. (
* Dunder Mifflin to air Super Bowl ad in Scranton, Pa. (
tipping* “Tipping point,” “reinventing” and other words journalists love too much. (
* PBS to broadcast a week of “After Newtown” programming. (
* Middletown (CT) Press reporter is assaulted while covering a bomb threat. (
* It’s Kate Aurthur vs. Howard Kurtz — again. (Now with an email exchange.) (
* Highlights from David Carr’s Reddit AMA (ask me anything). (
* Five more journalists join the Orange County Register. (