MTV staffer: New York Times made me look like a reckless spender

New York Times: Typically, MTV production assistant Yaffa Fredrick spends about $250 a week eating in good restaurants, which amounts to about $13,000 annually, and this does not include the additional $50 to $100 a week she spends on cooking classes, wine tastings and cheese pairings. About half of her salary is given over to food.

Yaffa Fredrick

Yaffa Fredrick

Yaffa Fredrick: “[The reporter] distorted some figures. I told her my most expensive week was $250, and she wrote it as if every week were $250 (when it’s more like $125 to dine out). …I was a little embarrassed about the piece so I actually didn’t share it with anyone. Instead, I let people find it. I wish she had framed my finances in a better light because, overall, I think of myself as fairly financially responsible.”

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