Morning report

* Google Creative Lab wins the 2012 USA Today Print Advertising Competition. (
* Star-Ledger lays off 18 newsroom employees. (
* There will be no white knight to save Philadelphia’s dailies. (
* The average consumer has 29 brand “friends” on social networking sites – up from seven a year ago. (

-- Crayons, not computer graphics

— Crayons, not computer graphics

* What a Tulsa TV station did when the weather computers went down. (
* Facebook’s move into search could disrupt a number of Internet businesses. (
* Wall Street to Yelp: Facebook’s search announcement should scare you. (
* Atlantic’s “sponsor content” fiasco renews ethics concerns about advertorials. (
* Mo Rocca: I ran out of opinions to offer on “CBS Sunday Morning.” (
* Money to support journalism startups comes from a variety of sources. (
* Ben Huh: Aaron Swartz’s death “has made me cry and ache in recent days more than I care to admit.” (
* The problem with WSJ’s iPhone-demand-is-crashing story. (
* “We’ve grown up as a company enormously,” says Patch president. (
* The student newspaper at Florida A&M isn’t suspended after all. (
* Ex-Washingtonian editor recalls billionaire Jack Kent Cooke’s lawsuit against the magazine. (
* MIT Technology Review editor-in-chief Jason Pontin reveals his media diet. (