Bonnie Fuller: Why print magazines won’t vanish anytime soon editor and former US Weekly editor Bonnie Fuller said on “Bloomberg Surveillance” this morning that she’s surprised by “how fast the readership for magazines has gone off the cliff.bonnie … Newsstand sales are down over 30% for most young women’s magazines. This new generation has grown up and they don’t have the history of wanting that touch feeling for print.”

I’d like to see magazines continue because I think more media is better. More voices are better. It is true that a lot of the time it’s harder to do a longer piece online. My audience very much wants to dip in and dip out multiple times a day.

Most publishers won’t drop print anytime soon, she says, because “they’ve got a lot of money invested in print. And there are still bigger ad dollars in CPM per page versus CPM online. So you have to have a leaner business online.”

* Do print magazines have a place in our digital world? (