Morning report

* Tom Rosenstiel on the Manti Te’o saga: “The lesson here is ‘look inside the freezer.’ Journalists shouldn’t be taking [a source’s] word if there is some way to verify it for themselves.” (
* Josh Levin: Sportswriters didn’t catch on to Te’o’s phony relationship because they didn’t care to look into it. ( | Today’s South Bend Tribune front page.
* Outsports writer: Everyone’s asking me if Te’o is gay. ( | Lots of Twitter speculation, too.
* Deadspin’s Tim Burke discusses the story with a SiriusXM sports talker. (

WSJ has single mom looking really sad because she only makes $260,000.

WSJ has single mom looking really sad because she only makes $260,000.

* WSJ is deeply concerned about the fate of rich single moms. (
* Washington Post Mexico bureau chief apologizes for plagiarizing four sentences from an academic journal. (
* Philly Inquirer architecture critic calls paper’s liquidation threat “a crude, self-destructive bluff.” (
* Felix Salmon: U.S. j-school grads “believe that there’s nothing worse than saying what you think in a news article.” (
* ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap: “In terms of dealing with [Lance] Armstrong, it was always a very carefully choreographed dance.” (
* Dennis Kucinich becomes a Fox News contributor. (
* Headline: “Elks to hold Novato fundraiser crab feet Jan. 26.” Feed, right? (Or fest?) (@patois42) | The story. (
* Two leaders of Gannett’s Design Studio are laid off. (
* Philly TV station has second thoughts about naming 5-year-old girl who was kidnapped. (
* NYT Co. spokesman Robert Christie is leaving the company. (
* Rolling Stone finally has an iPad app. (
* Grad student is punished after writing in YouTube comments that a classmate’s legs looked like “a pair of bleached hams.” (