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* Publisher: “Today The Journal News has removed the permit data from Our decision to do so is not a concession to critics…” ( || The paper “must believe that they were doing harm,” writes Erik Wemple. (

(Credit: Will Steacy)

(Credit: Will Steacy)

* Publicist who is suing FishbowlDC accuses the Mediabistro-owned site of conducting a “smear campaign.” ( | What FishbowlDC said about her: (
* Newsroom memo reveals Toronto Star’s anti-plagiarism plan. (
* Lance Armstrong’s doping confession draws 4.3 million viewers to Oprah’s network. (
* USA Today and Gallup part ways after 20 years of collaboration. (
* Keach Hagey: Hearst’s iPad pricing maneuver “is so bold it may make even Cosmo readers blush.” (
* Former NPR News chief Ellen Weiss is named E.W. Scripps Washington bureau chief. (
* Scripps to launch an online news site in Cincinnati. (
* Photo-essay: “Deadline for the Philadelphia Inquirer.” (
* Ed Koch recalls “very nice” former employee Nikki Finke. She says: “I’m just very flattered that he remembers me.” (
* Ex-Chicago Tribune ombud and onetime Notre Dame PR man: “The ethics of the Te’o case are really quite simple and require no heavy-duty philosophical analysis.” (
* ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr. published a monthly sports magazine called The Sports Magazine when he was in third and fourth grade. (
* Time Warner Cable bans some gun ads. (
* Gawker Media’s new Fellows program offers “paid work experience and a path towards a full-time job with benefits.” (

Read the responses to that tweet


* “@Deadspin will never make it – they don’t understand graciousness or money – and best guy is leaving? (@realdonaldtrump)
* @Deadspin guys are total losers – they had their story stolen right from under their bad complexions – other media capitalized! (@realdonaldtrump)
* Earlier: Deadspin disses The Donald (

John Geddes, who started his New York Times career in 1994 as business editor, tells colleagues that “I’ve tried over the last 15 years on the masthead to do my best to help figure out how we marshal the resources to cover the news, develop one another’s talents and secure as firm a hold as we can on our digital future.”

His memo:

“A man walks out of a bar . . .

I’m moving on. I’ve arrived at that magical spot where a buyout offer miraculously appears and presents me with new opportunities. Yes, yes, I know everyone says you have to do this carefully and be armed with a plan, but I don’t have one – not yet.

John Geddes

John Geddes

Frankly, I blame this lack of personal preparedness on this place. I’ve always believed The New York Times works because it is, at heart, a collective of unique individuals bound together in pursuit of great journalism. We’re about the common goal, not about jostling one another for a place in a transitory spotlight. The mission is about us, not about me or you.

We know that our vaunted pedestal is really the achievement of those who came before us, and our chief charge is to build on their legacy. While our readers and our colleagues — you —are the ultimate jury, I’ve tried over the last 15 years on the masthead to do my best to help figure out how we marshal the resources to cover the news, develop one another’s talents and secure as firm a hold as we can on our digital future./CONTINUES Read More

No surprise that there are many tweets about this headline.

* Catholic priest/meth dealer liked sex in the rectory (

UPDATE: I’m told the headline first ran in the Connecticut Post.

For the first time ever, Gawker Media drew more than 10 million U.S. visitors in one week. The memo to Gawker staff:

From: Nick Denton
To: All Staff
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 12:50 PM
Subject: First time through 10m a week

Jack Dickey and Tim Burke’s gripping Manti Te’o scoop has obviously pushed Deadspin to a new high. It’s a relief that the site’s top story is no longer a dick shot, compelling as that was.
But Deadspin had an assist (sports metaphor, daring, for me especially) from io9 and Lifehacker — which are also at all-time highs.

io9 got a lift from it’s story about a teen atheist and the latest update to the Google algorithm seems to be to the advantage of high-quality reference sites such as Lifehacker.

The combined effect: Gawker Media drew more than 10m people in the US in the last seven days. International readers made another 6m. And that total, impressive though it is, doesn’t even fully account for mobile and partner sites.

This year is already starting out well — and we have so much in the works.


* Te’o story is still on top of the Gawker Media Big Board (

St. Louis Post-Dispatch parent Lee Enterprises didn’t have a very good fiscal 2012:

* April 17, 2012: Lee Enterprises lost $26.6 million in the quarter ending March 25.

* July 17, 2012: Lee Enterprises lost $1.5 million in the quarter ending June 24.

* November 12, 2012: Lee Enterprises lost $7.7 million in the July through September period.

But that didn’t stop Lee executives from getting huge raises in 2012

* January 14, 2013: Lee Enterprises CEO Mary Junck’s total compensation for fiscal 2012 increased 82%.

Lee executives’ fiscal 2012 compensation

Mary Junck, chief executive officer: $2,093,267, up 82% from fiscal 2011.
Carl Schmidt, chief financial officer and treasurer: $905,969, up 48% from fiscal 2011.
Kevin Mowbray, vice president, publishing: $591,607, up 33% from fiscal 2011.
Greg Veon, vice president, publishing: $450,342, up 13% from fiscal 2011.
Michael Gulledge, vice president, sales and marketing: $526,697, up 76% from fiscal 2011.

* Lee Enterprises CEO Mary Junck sees a pay jump in 2012 (

* Advice for Lee CEO: Don’t lay people off just after pocketing your big bonus
* Lee CEO Mary Junck gets 500,000 shares of stock — at no charge!

“Yes, there are suitors for the newspaper assets” of Tribune Co., says new Tribune CEO Peter Liguori. “Calls have come in. … And it’s my job to separate the contenders from the pretenders, and from those contenders, do they see the value of these assets the way we see the value of these assets?”
Liguori tells Keach Hagey that he doesn’t see running Tribune’s newspapers — the Los Angeles Times, Orlando Sentinel, Chicago Tribune, among others — as being “all that different from a broadcast network or a cable network or a local station” in that the quality of the content attracts audiences and makes the rest of the business possible.

Secularly, the newspaper business is challenged right now. The papers that are going to exist are going to be the ones that respond to the changing landscape.

* Tribune’s new CEO: Not a newspaper man, or a hatchetman (
* Chicago Sun-Times parent is interested in Tribune Co. assets (

- Columbia Journal Review graphic

– Columbia Journalism Review graphic

* Stories longer than 2,000 words down 86% at LAT since 2003, 50% at WaPo (

* NPR will no longer refer to the U.S. president as “Mr.” in second references. From a memo: “After considerable discussion — and some thoughtful deliberation — we will take the start of the second Obama term as a good opportunity to eliminate this style anomaly.” (
* Deadspin’s Jack Dickey: “The non-sports media interest [in the Manti Te’o story] has gobsmacked me.” (
* Howard Kurtz on Te’o saga: “It wouldn’t have taken Bob Woodward to unravel this tissue of lies.” (
* Gawker Media isn’t cashing in on all the recent traffic to Deadspin. (
* Several editors-in-chief are upset with the American Society of Magazine Editors. (
gannet* Historic Gannett Building in downtown Rochester is for sale. (
* Hearst Magazines starts publishing iPad editions days before the print version. (
* New Tribune Co. CEO Peter Liguori says running the media company “can be daunting; I tend to view it as being exciting.” (
* The Wrap reports the Washington Post has suspended Mexico bureau chief William Booth for lifting four sentences. (
* George Will calls Ann Coulter an “enemy” to the pursuit of an intellectual brand of conservatism. (
* A century before Google Books and there was the Modern Historic Records Association. (
* Michael Triplett, president of the National Association of Lesbian and Gay Journalists, is dead at 48. (
* Jeff Edelstein recalls being a 19-year-old $6/hour fact-checker at New Jersey Monthly magazine. (
* Q Score publisher says Oprah’s number is falling and “she’s been out of focus for a while.” (

-- From the media company that hosts "Regret the Error"

— From the media company that hosts “Regret the Error”

* Poynter’s Tampa Bay Times: “Tebow faces uncertain NFL feature.” (
* Piers Morgan calls Andrew Sullivan “a dick” who “despises the very spittle I put on the floor.” (
* Carolyn Hax: “What a strange institution it is, the advice column.” (
* Leadership changes at struggling Lucky magazine. (