Gawker Media sets traffic record with Deadspin’s Manti Te’o blockbuster

For the first time ever, Gawker Media drew more than 10 million U.S. visitors in one week. The memo to Gawker staff:

From: Nick Denton
To: All Staff
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 12:50 PM
Subject: First time through 10m a week

Jack Dickey and Tim Burke’s gripping Manti Te’o scoop has obviously pushed Deadspin to a new high. It’s a relief that the site’s top story is no longer a dick shot, compelling as that was.
But Deadspin had an assist (sports metaphor, daring, for me especially) from io9 and Lifehacker — which are also at all-time highs.

io9 got a lift from it’s story about a teen atheist and the latest update to the Google algorithm seems to be to the advantage of high-quality reference sites such as Lifehacker.

The combined effect: Gawker Media drew more than 10m people in the US in the last seven days. International readers made another 6m. And that total, impressive though it is, doesn’t even fully account for mobile and partner sites.

This year is already starting out well — and we have so much in the works.


* Te’o story is still on top of the Gawker Media Big Board (