Morning report

* NPR will no longer refer to the U.S. president as “Mr.” in second references. From a memo: “After considerable discussion — and some thoughtful deliberation — we will take the start of the second Obama term as a good opportunity to eliminate this style anomaly.” (
* Deadspin’s Jack Dickey: “The non-sports media interest [in the Manti Te’o story] has gobsmacked me.” (
* Howard Kurtz on Te’o saga: “It wouldn’t have taken Bob Woodward to unravel this tissue of lies.” (
* Gawker Media isn’t cashing in on all the recent traffic to Deadspin. (
* Several editors-in-chief are upset with the American Society of Magazine Editors. (
gannet* Historic Gannett Building in downtown Rochester is for sale. (
* Hearst Magazines starts publishing iPad editions days before the print version. (
* New Tribune Co. CEO Peter Liguori says running the media company “can be daunting; I tend to view it as being exciting.” (
* The Wrap reports the Washington Post has suspended Mexico bureau chief William Booth for lifting four sentences. (
* George Will calls Ann Coulter an “enemy” to the pursuit of an intellectual brand of conservatism. (
* A century before Google Books and there was the Modern Historic Records Association. (
* Michael Triplett, president of the National Association of Lesbian and Gay Journalists, is dead at 48. (
* Jeff Edelstein recalls being a 19-year-old $6/hour fact-checker at New Jersey Monthly magazine. (
* Q Score publisher says Oprah’s number is falling and “she’s been out of focus for a while.” (

-- From the media company that hosts "Regret the Error"

— From the media company that hosts “Regret the Error”

* Poynter’s Tampa Bay Times: “Tebow faces uncertain NFL feature.” (
* Piers Morgan calls Andrew Sullivan “a dick” who “despises the very spittle I put on the floor.” (
* Carolyn Hax: “What a strange institution it is, the advice column.” (
* Leadership changes at struggling Lucky magazine. (