No kiddin’: ‘The newspaper business is challenged right now,’ notes Tribune’s new CEO

“Yes, there are suitors for the newspaper assets” of Tribune Co., says new Tribune CEO Peter Liguori. “Calls have come in. … And it’s my job to separate the contenders from the pretenders, and from those contenders, do they see the value of these assets the way we see the value of these assets?”
Liguori tells Keach Hagey that he doesn’t see running Tribune’s newspapers — the Los Angeles Times, Orlando Sentinel, Chicago Tribune, among others — as being “all that different from a broadcast network or a cable network or a local station” in that the quality of the content attracts audiences and makes the rest of the business possible.

Secularly, the newspaper business is challenged right now. The papers that are going to exist are going to be the ones that respond to the changing landscape.

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